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It is available in all formats - PDF, i Books, Kindle, and print.

Disclosure: I gain nothing financially from this, but I did write a chapter on antennas that is included in the book. I recommend them on their merits alone, and my recommendations do change over time.

Here are a few steps to take to get you closer, or a way you can leapfrog the work to reap the benefits now.

Some enterprises struggle to drive business value from data science efforts because the business and data scientists are not communicating or collaborating well.

The closer you are to developed areas the more likely you are to have wifi.

Thanks to Anthony F for the tip and information about AT&T.

If you are like most organizations, your analytics program is not ready for advanced analytics technologies such as machine learning.

How far you go in resolving them usually is indicative of the price involved.

Simple solutions are usually the cheapest, but don't fully address the issues, while complex solutions cost more but provide better performance.

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