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(Stuntin-stuntin is a habit) I got a chip in my engine, 26 inch rims I got fadeaway money, bitch I'm ballin out the gym Got my old school pumpin, hip wheel on recline If you think a nigga broke you out'cha monkey-ass mind (yeah) Diamonds on my pinky (yeah) hand on the pine Bitch touch and now your momma do the second line (yeah) Screens fallin from the sky, syrup fallin in my cup Old school Chevy thang, comin down nigga what Got diamonds in my mouth, got some Gucci on my seat Got g's on my ass, bitch it's cold when I speak Got a freak on my arm, got a charm around my neck You can gon' pass the mic, watch I'm 'bout to catch wreck Still screamin out mayne, pistol in my hand Southside so throwed (throwed in the game) Big face on my chain, 84's on the frame Big bodies comin down, hoggin up both lanes (Stuntin-stuntin is a habit) The name you know of A little bit of change, now your boy done blown up And I'm throwin thangs just to get exposed Stuntin ain't a thing to me And it's obvious it's plain to see That you gon' make us both Get into some thangs that is for grown folks And they might even say you should leave me alone But don't be scared... Stuntin is a habit, just gotta have it Shorty can throw anythang at me I'm gonna bag it When she see the karats, for real just like a rabbit Cain't another boy do the things you like He ain't your type, change your life But if you did your homework, girl I'm pretty sure you know what I got Drop top singin, know Jones and Banner gonna roll Let me stop...

stuntin is a habit (Stuntin-stuntin is a habit) (Yeah!

Usher entwickelte eine Freundschaft mit dem US-amerikanischen Musikproduzenten Jermaine Dupri.

Studio: Simon Vermoten and Furrow Road, Equestria, Pretoria Schools: Prinsessies en Heroes Speelgroepie (Boksburg), Honkie Ponkie opvoedkundige kleuterskool (Brakpan), Constantia Park Kleuterskool & 2nd Life School of Music (Garsfontein, Pretoria), Midstream Ridge (Centurion), Laerskool/Primary, Kiddies Academy (Garsfontein), Silver Stars (Silverlakes) & Dinky Dots (Garsfontein).In der Überzeugung, dass eine größere Stadt mehr Möglichkeiten für die Präsentation seines Talents bieten würde, zog seine Familie nach Atlanta, Georgia. Daraufhin beendete Ushers Mutter ihre Arbeit als medizinisch-technische Assistentin, um seine Karriere zu verwalten, jedoch brach sie diese Arbeit als Clientmanagerin im Mai 2007 ab.Im Jahr 1993 veröffentlichte er seine erste Single Call Me A Mack, welche er für den Film Poetic Justice aufnahm.Zudem veröffentlichte er noch zwei weitere Singles aus dem Album, My Way und Nice & Slow.Letztere schaffte es sogar bis auf Platz 1 in den US-amerikanischen Billboard Hot 100.

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) Let them bougie boys ride Maybach I'm in the candy laid back like I slang crack My money stack to the ceiling Gettin in my Chevy's like climbin up a buildin, them 28's on deck 37 on my wrist, a hundred five on my neck This rap money's okay but you should see these movie checks And this cartoon cash, the SS so sweet My Bentley's hatin on that ass, my old school's gettin pissed She opened up her arm but then she slit both wrists There go the suicide do's, wood on the dash Ferris wheels on the toes and got duals on the ass And some chrome on the nose, the white boys go "SWEET!

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  1. They say that singing about heartache is a surefire way to a singing career, I mean, where would Taylor Swift be without her many exes? Usher to many, may belong to Grace Miguel, his early songs seemed to be aimed at a certain someone.