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To play, give each person a sheet of paper for every person they have in a group (so if 8 people, each person gets 8 sheets of paper).Next, have them write down some type of phrase on the top sheet of paper and then pass their entire stack to the person on their left.In honor of our blog’s first birthday this month, we thought we’d share our new series ideas with you to give you a sneak peak of what to expect in the future.Sure, our first 6 months we were fairly active and then we dropped off the face of the planet, but we are coming back with a vengeance!

Blah blah blah, a bunch more serious-but-sometimes-silly talk about work, friendships, love, boys, marriage, birthday festivities, you know—life stuff in general. After realizing their mistake, the docs and tipic were personally delivered to me by a DMV worker himself! It took a lot of work, a lot of emotional agony, a lot of distress and sneaking around when we saw Campus Parc vehicles, but I think it was worth it for both of us.We might even ask you to submit a guest writing piece if you think you have some good material!We may also choose to conduct an formal and thorough interview with you regarding your pet and use that information to write a fancy spotlight piece about you.We’ll share with you some of the most hilarious, ridiculous, irresponsible going-ons we have seen and currently see. *Name is still a work in progress*: This series will be a little more serious, I think. Wrapping all the presents while desperately trying not to run out of wrapping paper since you do not have the energy or time to make a trip to the store. Men, I hope you appreciate the valuable insight you are getting right here!This may be one you see Vibhs contributing more to, since she has 3 lectures a week she attends and 4 exams total to proctor, and I only have two lecture a week and 3 exams to proctor (LOSER! We will encourage you to share your tales of woe and hilarity with us, because we KNOW we’re not alone in secretly creeping on students. It will be centered around mental health and mental disorders. The world has not exploded or imploded, except maybe in our minds. Surviving on chips and salsa for 2 days since buying groceries is going to be useless since you will be gone for 3 weeks.which involves packing everything you need in 1 single suitcase and a cabin bag, making sure every single dish has been washed and the trash has been taken out, before forgetting to put your bike in and spending the entire flight wondering if your house is going to blow up since there is a high chance you left the induction stove on! If alcohol had been involved, it would look much the same, just louder…and sillier, faster. —What if the only experience she has had is with a manual transmission, in a country where road laws are loose at best and cars lasting longer than 5 years are miracles?

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Telephone Pictionary that helps you get to know your team a little better.

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