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The foundation of the Tower, however, consists only of a concrete slab supported by short piles that fail to reach the bedrock below. v=BKor P55Aqvg FAQ731-376: Forum Policies forum1529: Translation Assistance for Engineers "and has sunk 16 inches and shifted 2 inches to the northwest since opening"- That's from the Fox news article, doesn't say it tilted, but moved sideways?Various places in that part of the city is soft landfill; they used to find ships and whatnot when digging foundations for various buildings. I suspect a lot of lawyers will make a lot of money out of this and that's about the only positive aspect all the way around.

I sure wouldn't want to be in a building like that during the soon-to-happen next Big One. Professional and Structural Engineer (ME, NH, MA) American Concrete Industries HOA added that it is exploring its legal option and could pursue damages from several parties, including the developer, the original design professionals, the original contractors and the Transbay Joint Powers Authority.

The Transbay Authority didn't just build a wall, they heavily buttressed the wall.

This is why Millennium Partners & Millennium residents focus on dewatering, because the wall works.

According to one observation by a geotechnical engineer, sorry I didn't save the link, one problem is that the Transbay Authority, TJPA did too good of a job with their secant pile wall.

The wall does too good of a job of resisting earth movement and without similar resistant walls on the North & West sides of the Tower, North & West is where the ground is shifting.

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What if these dense (previously) sands have been draining through the slurry walls and into the Market Street Station dewatering system and no one knows this? I presume the walls are structural like on BART, a first at the time. A new icon to advertise for tourists for the local money mongerers - The Leaning Tower of San Francisco - And Vegas can take bets as to when it will fall too. Mike Mc Cann, PE, SE (WA) Rather than make fun of the situation I am more interested in finding out what led to the mistake so that others may not make the same. there is no negligence by running piles to dense sand rather than bedrock.

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