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Here is a link to the specific section (section 1) where they talk about the "Staff Profiles".Although it does not go into great detail about how they run their fake profiles you just need to understand that the site is not using legitimate female images and they are not real members.Kick the common dating myths to the curb and start meeting great new people today.

Probably one of the biggest red flags with dating scams is if you start receiving email messages within 10 minutes (see evidence below) of registering on a dating site.This dating site actually sends out fake email messages to male members and makes it appear as if they are receiving legitimate emails from local women looking to hook up with them. What's really happening is they send fake emails in the hopes that you try to reply.When you do try to reply you cannot send messages unless you pay for the privilege of sending and receiving emails by purchasing a paid monthly membership. Did you know or realize that this site actually admits to creating fake dating profiles that they call "Staff Profiles".When you’re dating, the person you choose actually has some say in the matter.While you are waiting for her reply, go on with your busy life.

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