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Username: Creamo00Name:junpei Nickname:junpei Age:15Birthday: April 4Sex: MRelationship Status:awts! Favourite Game(s): Sonic the Hedgehog Series, FF Series (kaso, di ko na nasusubaybayan eh), Yggdra Union, Riviera: The Promised Land, DOTA, Ragnarok TSAKA ONE PIECE!! HINAHAGIS LANG NAMAN NI MAMA YUNG REF AT TV NAMIN PAG NA-PROVOKE SYA! oo nga pala, na-operahan nga pala ako sa Appendix last September kaya nga 1 week akong di nakapasok. games and Pokemon Diamond and Emerald Random: I am God. DFavourite Manga: gokusen, death note, kare kano, summer bloom, etc. o_o;;, percussion master (timezone)Random: i'm looking for a serious girlfriend... Relationship Status: Single Location: Las Piñas Interest(s): Computer, sleeping, eating Favourite Movie(s): Saw, RE Extinction Favourite Show(s): Ramon Bautista Show Favourite Music: Emo, Screamo, Rock, Alternative, Pop, Jazz, Country, Love Songs, Mellow, Classic, Trance, Dance, Techno, Reggae, Metal. Age: 18Birthday: September 6, 1989Sex: Female Location: Quezon City Interest(s): Music, Art, Anime, Y_A_O_I Username: Moment Rising Name: You can call me by MOment Rising, not saying my name Nickname: MR, Jet, JJ, JTAge: Soon to be 20 this Saturday... Favourite Movie(s): Don't have Favourite Show(s): Family Guy, Two and a half men Favourite Music: Jay-Z, Linkin Park, Miyavi, LLoyd, Ludacris, Kat Deluna, etc. Favourite Anime: Samurai Champloo, FLCL, Elfen Lied, etc, Samurai deeper Kyo Favourite Manga: Kenshin and Samurai Kyo Favourite Game(s): DDR!!! rock/metal Favourite Anime: Hunter x Hunter, DBZ, Naruto: Shippuden Favourite Manga: Favourite Game(s): WWE(series) Need for speed carbon Strict Ba Parents Mo: Nopes, Free as bird in a HUGE CAGE lol Random: "I'm Artist, not a Con"Username: neil_khs (obvious ba? DN n FMAFavourite Game(s): room escape games, PS n PS2 games esp. Location: Pinas Interest(s): Play computer Favourite Movie(s): NONFavourite Show(s): Wowowee Favourite Music: ALLL!! YUNG ERPATS KO GINAGAWANG KATANA YUNG KITCHEN KNIFE! Appendiculum Something daw yata ang tawag ng mga doktor dun.. Favorite Music: J-rock Favorite Game: anything Strict Ba Parents Mo: sometimes Random: "We Will Fight We'll Defeat We're The Ones You Wanna Be (stomp on floor) Bravo" and Go Waukegan High Army JROTC ''FTW'' Age: 14 Birthday: October 19, 1992Sex: Female Location: Brisbane, Australia Interest(s): Manga/Anime, Music, Drawing, Chocolate, Gaiaonline Favourite Movie(s): Lahat ng POTC, The Pursuit of Happiness, School of Rock Favourite Show(s): Bleach, Spongebob Squarepants, MXC, The Simpsons Favourite Music: Urban mostly... Username: Deadkid90Name: Rigel Aquino Nickname: Chad, L, Satoshi, Kyo, Kamote, Don-don Age: 17Birthday: Feb 25 1990Sex: male? Favourite Anime: Naruto, Bleach, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Mahoraba, Maburaho, Karin, Favourite Manga: I don't like reading. Strict Ba Parents Mo: Dad: No Mom: VERY ANNOYINGLY STRICTRandom: No I like it straight up the -Username: Mr.klown Name: John Linsangan Nickname: Evilklown Age: 20Birthday: Feb. )Name: vampirious jons berzelius Nickname:vampy Age: 1000 (vampire ako eh)Birthday: (nakalimutan ko na eh) icon_Sex: upper bold position Relationship Status: sori wala eh Location: pilipinas Interest(s): sucking blood burning_Favourite Movie(s): killing human movies Favourite Show(s): celebrity killing Favourite Music: dead! Interest(s): Anime, books, manga at boys wahaha joke lng ung huli Favourite Movie(s): Catch me if you can, HM 1 and 2Favourite Show(s): Kokey? Suikoden, FF,resident evil Strict Ba Parents Mo: napaka Random:mamamatay ako kapag walang papel at lapis sa bahay.. Location: #56 D malumanay street teacher's village QCInterest(s): Music, Art, Movies, Photography, Food, Books, etc. Favourite Show(s): n/a Favourite Music: any, but i'm really into punk, slow jam, reggae, and opm right now. x DNickname: kenken, joyce, joycee Age: 14 (so far pero tataas pa yan)Birthday: Feb. ; D finding nemowoot.), Square Enix movies, Spongebob The Movie, anything new and interesting really. x DStrict Ba Parents Mo: Yes ----here-------- No Random: Your hills are magnificent Georg(pronounced as gay-org), really magnificent! Trinidad Nickname: ichi, leyra haha Age: 14Birthday: oct 30 1993Sex: FRelationship Status: single Location: Cavite Interest(s): computer, animes, manga, drawing XD, music, tv and movies Favourite Movie(s): freaky friday ahaahaha Favourite Show(s): heroes, lost, grey's anatomy, one tree hill, veronica mars, ugly betty, criminal minds, spongebob squarepants, fairly odd parents, kim possible, totally spies harhar Favourite Music: secondhand serenade, paramore, silverstein, nirvana, christina aguilera, yellowcard, tori amos dmi pa ahaha Favourite Anime: bleach, naruto, fruits basket, melancholy of suzumiya haruhi, shakugan no shana, ouran high school host club, e haha Favourite Manga: fruits basket and loveless ,, Favourite Movie(s):wlk to remember,,princes diaries,my sassy gurl,,my litle bride,,school of rock,,mean girl..drumline.bestfreind wedding. Favourite Show(s): CSI, Anything on Discovery Favourite Music: Upbeat: Indie, Mainstream, Classic, Club Favourite Anime: furuba, spirited away, etc. Favourite Game(s): Resident Evil 1-Nth, Fatal Frame, Left4Dead, SIMS, Smashbros., God of War Random: meh Interest(s): Maglaro ng gaia,magpimp ng kotse sa NFS,pasabugin ang mga car sa crashday,magtanim ng C-4 sa loob ng null void... Favourite Manga: Midori No Hibi Favourite Game(s): PSP(FFT: Wo TL, MGS: Portable Ops, etc...)Strict Ba Parents Mo: Huh? ako ay di gaano naniniwala sa mga pinaniniwalaan natin ngaun. gusto kong maging kaclose ang mga TFGG kaso ndi ko makapalan ang mukha ko upang makamit ang kasiyahang iyon. o: Favourite Show(s): so far-- j-drama stuff- Hana Yori Dango, Liar Game. Favourite Music: genre-Dance Rock, Accoustic, Bossa Nova, Classical Favourite Anime: Cyborg Kuro Chan, Full Metal Alchemist, Count of Monte Cristo, Great Teacher Onizuka, Fate Stay Night, many many. Gray Man, Petshop of Horrors (I borrowed them from my friend. Favourite Show(s):hbo.Favourite i love off Favourite Anime:sakura and sasuke.hina..fruit basket Favourite Manga:chobits Favourite Game(s):computer games..audition..o2jam Strict Ba Parents Mo:yeah..c momy lng.. Favourite Movie(s): Shaolin Soccer Favourite Show(s): MTV's Pimp My Ride! Favourite Anime: ~~ Favourite Manga: ~~ Favourite Game(s): NFS U2, Most Wanted, Carbon, Pro Street, GTA SAN ANDREAS(stunts), Crashday, World Of Warcraft AT GAIA Online Strict Ba Parents Mo: Hindi ah.. Random: When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris. x DFavourite Movie(s): freedom writers, transformers, the notebook, wahh.. lmaox DFavourite Music: the Veronicas, avril lavigne, fra lippo lippi Favourite Person: my mom and dad! Age: 17Birthday: October 4, 1989Sex: Female Relationship Status: single Location: Manila Interest(s): anime, manga, internet, playing PS2 games, sweets! Favourite Anime: Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, etc Favourite Game(s): FF games, grandia games, tales of blah blah games, created by square enix, nippon ichi and konami Random: Abnoy aq? Pereña Nickname: Chan, Chris, Ron-Ron, Xtian, Chan-Chan Age: 15Birthday: April 16 1992Sex: Why not?though, it changes kung pinapagalitan ako lmaox DFavourite Manga(s): yung hindi hilaw, yellow. (hehe jowk XD) Male Relationship Status: Single(Sin-GOL)Location: makati City Interest(s): Music, Jamming time, Anime Favourite Movie(s): Austin Powers, Death Note Favourite Show(s): The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Fairly Oddparents XDFavourite Music: Emo[Taking Back Sunday, Hilera P! haha Favourite Show(s): That 70s show, Nanny 911 [lol i lurve seeing bad kiddos. D: Favourite Music: Alternative, rock, poprock ---- depende sa mood.

Favourite Manga: fruits basket, pita ten, and many more pa... Strict Ba Parents Mo: hindi nman tnatanong? Username: kjvc Name: king catriz Nickname: king Age: 17Birthday: october 27, 1989Sex: Male Relationship Status: Single Location: Cebu City Philippines Interest(s): computer, computer (ADOBE, MACROMEDIA, MS OFFICE, OPEN OFFICE) applications, GUITAR, keyboard, music pseudo codes, programming languages, Favourite Movie(s): forest gump Favourite Show(s): the wild boys Favourite Music: canon rock Favourite Anime: bleach Favourite Manga: bleach Favourite Game(s): SILKROAD ONLINE, MAPPLE STORY, DOTA SYEMPRE !!

Doolittle, Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Anastasia, K-911, ung iba di ko alam title XDDFavourite Show(s): America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV), My Wife and Kids, WWE, shows in MYX and Animal Planet, Addams Family, That's So Raven, Proud Family, Filmore, PBB XDDFavourite Music: J-pop, alternative, OPM rock Favourite Anime: Blackjack XDFavourite Game(s): Philippine Games XD, gaia, sudoku Strict Ba Parents Mo: yup, pero pinapayagan akong maglakwatsa basta hindi lng gagabihin Random: lapit na pasukan Username: airam29Name: Maria (tama na yan)Nickname: airam (pwede elyse, pero personalan na yan eh)Age: 14Birthday: December 29Sex: Bi. Interest(s): books, anime, tv show na napapaisip ka...(24 anyone? Location: Manila Interest(s): watching TV, anime, reading books, gaia, surfin, drawing ^_^Favourite Movie(s): final destination trilogy, harry potter installments, anime movies, andami kc, the island, the day after tomorrow.. Favourite Show(s): ...madami din Favourite Music: ...anime songs?

)Location: Tacloban City, Leyte PHInterest(s): VFD, novels by Lemony Snicket (real name: Daniel Handler), volleyball, table tennis, taekwondo, music, chemistry, internet, psychology, computer, Philippine games, swimming, overlay, sudoku, candles, stones, vases w/ chinese paintings or designs, chinese paintings, limewire, autism , yahoo messenger, dogs, cute animal pictures, nba live, friendster, gaia, myspace, the great schism (VFD), Sebald code, culinary arts XD, etc XDFavourite Movie(s): Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge, Monster Night, 50 First Dates, If Only, Kung Fu Hustle, Wendy Wu: The Homecoming Warrior (un ata ung title nakalimutan ko ), Monster's Inc., Air Bud, Dr. 1Sex: male ^_^Relationship Status: single but not available..noh?

Random: it is better to try and fail than failing without even trying Username: aegaen_92Name: Patricia Nickname: Pat Age: 15Birthday: Sep 6Sex: female Relationship Status: single pow.. 2Sex: female Relationship Status: single Location: Laguna Interest(s): drawing,reading & gaming Favourite Movie(s): just my luck Favourite Show(s): -Favourite Music: catch me im fallin? Favourite Music: Urbandub, Incubus, UVERworld, Sambomaster, Snowkel, Asian Kungfu Generation, Flyleaf, atbp Favourite Anime: Karas, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Naruto, Bleach, Darker than Black, etc. DLocation: Proj8, QCInterest(s): tulog, tulog, tulog, tumingin sa mga ulap (ewan ko bakit...), laro ng PSP/PS2, downloading, tulog... haha Favourite Manga: Kagetora Favourite Game(s): sawsaw suka Strict Ba Parents Mo: mejo lang.. haha Location: Makati Interest(s): Games Sports Arts Literature ( to be exact Sports: Basket Ball, Soccer, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Games of the Generals Games: Harvest Moon kahit ano basta RPG Arts: Drawing Painting Literature: Story Making [nde ung kwentong barbero huh!!!

Location: Pangasinan, Philippines Interest(s): Gaia, friendster, reading, writing Favourite Movie(s): chick flicks (haha.. Favourite Anime: kanon,zero no tsukaima & hayate no gotoku! Hurhur)Nickname: Pam, Xi, Xim (xi at xim-nanggaling dun sa isa kong sn)Age: 17Birthday: July 14, 1990Sex: Female o: Relationship Status: Single~ Location: Manila Interest(s): Art, novels, ugh.. lol Favourite Movie(s): Memento, The Prestige, Pay it Forward, Click... Favourite Manga: Naruto, Bleach, beck, Historie, Para Kiss Favourite Game(s): MGS series, DMC series, Ace Combat Strict Ba Parents Mo: Si daddy lang. Favourite Movie(s): Battle Royale, Nana, Pirates of the Carribean, Advent Children, Versus, Casshern, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... x DFavourite Show(s): Mad TV, Heroes, Nodame Cantabile, Hana-Kimi, Sh15uya, Ikebukuro West Gate park, [email protected], Densha Otoko, Gokusen... ], Poetry)Favourite Movie(s): The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The 300 (yeah)Favourite Show(s): Music Station Favourite Music: J-Pop Favourite Anime: Hmmm...

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