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There is a specialised massage room with the professional masage table and oils, other erotic massage lotions are at the bar on your request.

There is also an access to internet available at our computer in the bar area., fine people and our helpful staff alway trying their best to fulfill all your wishes.

Sufficient quantities of condoms are prepared in each room.

6 it is revealed that Gotham was initially built for the purpose of housing the criminally insane, and Robin reads a journal that tells of how Gotham got its name; "I even have a name for it.

We could call it 'Gotham' after a village in England – where, according to common belief, all are bereft of their wits." Responding to the connection between the Gotham in Nottinghamshire and Gotham for New York City, former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani wrote that it was "a pleasure to have this opportunity to acknowledge the cultural and historical link" between the two places.

although the connection between two names within the DCU has not been fully explained.

In a story titled 'Cityscape' in Batman Chronicles No.

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On 2 August 1984, as rain storms lashed the county, Gotham was hit by a tornado at approximately pm, uprooting trees, blowing garden sheds onto power cables, destroying greenhouses and severely damaging houses, roofs and chimneys; however, no one was injured.

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