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Scent: 11/10 Projection: 6/10 (Soft) Sillage: 7/10 Longevity: 8/10 (Fixed, but can be much better) Versatility 9/10 (For me this is a very versatile, all-season/day/night fragrance.

Gym would be an exception) Uniqueness: 8/10 (Not that unique) Price-performance: 8/10 (Can be bought for €85/200ml, which is not that expensive in my opinion) Total: 8.5 (Due to the performance not being like it was, else it would still be my signature fragrance) Honestly don't get the fuss.

It smells good, I'm not arguing it smells bad, but it honestly smells really cheap and candyish to me.

Some note in there just smells really candyish (and for a candy sweet vibe, there are better options) The candy wears down a bit after a bit to a more deep nice fragrance (and does smell very very good), but the scent it gives STILL could be done better by another. I am neither recommending or not recommending this fragrance, but I don't think it's worth the hype (with all the BEST FRAGRANCE EVER comments) and you could easily end up disappointed.

: D The ever talked about La Nuit De L'Homme and my first fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent. I only wish this was not plagued with performance issues (or that I would have tried it pre-reform).

I decided to repost after wearing it a lot more and becoming more familiar with the world of perfumery. An immediate blast of cardamom and lavender with a hint of bergamot.

Currently I have a solid rotation of 8 fall/winter fragrances, with 5 all-season fragrances.

Whenever I do not know what to wear, I wear LNDL, because it can never go wrong.

Its flacon is dark and powerful, as if it were announcing powerful ingredients it carries in itself.

It's quite powdery and woody, while retaining that lavender bomb feel, in this stage.

So much so that I'm surprised there is no iris in it. Nothing amazing on the performance end but the scent itself is absolute masterpiece. I could see this being my go to date frag if I was a single man.

It's not a scent that screams to begin with but it is very soft, major lavender with a little sharp tang from the cardamom and bergamot.

It stays this way for most of it's span with the cedar and vetiver playing into the original notes towards the end.

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