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The Crisis of the Seventeenth Century collects nine essays by Trevor-Roper on the themes of religion, the Reformation, and social change.Individual essays from it have appeared in Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic: the subject of witchcraft evidently arouses particular interest among the tolerant Nordic peoples.This material is put online to further the educational goals of Liberty Fund, Inc.I venture to think that this is too insular a view, and one which cannot survive a study of comparable developments in Europe.Although the specific nature and degree of these differences vary from one society to the next, they still tend to typically favor men, creating an imbalance in power and gender inequalities within most societies.This framework first appeared in a feminist paper on transsexualism in 1978.2009-2014-cü illərin ən məşhur və yayılmış adları müəyyən edilib.

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The first essay, which gave its title to the English edition of the book, arose from an examination of what has been called “the Tawney-Weber thesis”: the thesis that Calvinism, in some way, created the moral and intellectual force of the “new” capitalism of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

A second edition, published in London in 1972, was reprinted in 19 and it has been translated, in whole or in part, into German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

Unless otherwise stated in the Copyright Information section above, this material may be used freely for educational and academic purposes.

This book is published by Liberty Fund, Inc., a foundation established to encourage study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals.

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