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Paul's in Richmond (1969-70) Assignments (cont.) - SS.

Philip and James in Phillipsburg NJ (1970-74) in the Trenton diocese - St.

He was later sent by the diocese for treatment but continued to celebrate Mass on weekends in a parish." Source: in 1978-80 notes that Chasse is "on duty outside the diocese," but the Rockville Centre pages do not say where.

Recent media reports state that Chasse worked in Montana, and by examining the pages for the Helena diocese (western Montana), we located him in Butte.

- Laicized 1980."Among his victims were two brothers.

One of the brothers 'tried to tell another parish priest what was happening to him, but he was ignored.' Later, at his sister's wedding, the boy put a note asking for help in the collection basket 'with his name and telephone number ... Anthony's All Souls' Memorial Church in Florence SC (1997-99) - St.

The alleged abuse took place in the church rectory, in the confessional, and in gay bars. The pastor told the grand jury he 'never made an official report to anyone in the diocese' about the priest. Louis chancery official after a suit was filed] - Jewish Hospital in St. John Vianney in Colonia NJ in the Metuchen diocese, and incardinated briefly there (1985-86) - Released from diocesan assignment and on sick leave (1986-89) - Parson's Manor in Jamaica in the Brooklyn diocese (on sick leave 1989-92? Ignatius Loyola in Palm Beach Gardens FL (1989-91) - St. Lucie FL (1992-93) - Our Lady of Lourdes in Boca Raton FL (1994-96) - St. Lucie FL (1997-98) - Food for the Poor in Deerfield Beach FL (perhaps the "special assignment 1999-2001 listed in the "He fondled altar boys as they prepared for Mass, in a sauna at a health club, and during play 'wrestling' in his rectory bedroom.... He was later accused in Florida of molesting children in two parishes and was relieved of his duties." Source: "Ordained in 1993, this priest was later arrested in the abuse of an underage boy....

The diocese required the priest to receive psychological counseling, and it later assigned him as chaplain to an 'area' hospital, allowing him to celebrate Mass at a parish on weekends." Source: Duvelsdorf was removed from St. Joseph Patron of the Universal Church in the Brooklyn diocese (1961-62) - St. Lucy’s (Italian) in the Brooklyn diocese (1963-64) - Holy Family in the Brooklyn diocese (1964-69) - Chaplain in the U. While in counseling, the priest told his therapist he had been abused by Priest O (Ribaudo).

Raphael's altar boy for about five years, beginning when the boy was 12 years old. 'By Priest M's own admissions there could have been more.' Two of the four were brothers.

Robert Bellarmine in Freehold NJ (1978-79) in the Trenton diocese - Not indexed in the 1980 "Assigned to a parish elementary school, this priest had a foot fetish.

A nun testified to the grand jury that he had sexual contact with at least four boys and that 'a senior cleric in the diocese, Priest P's pastor, and a deacon, all knew this.' The priest was later reassigned to another parish elementary school, where he entertained boys in his rectory bedroom.

Francis de Sales in Miami Beach FL (1974-76) - Holy Family in North Miami FL (1976-78) - Died 12/12/78Accused in 1/9/06 complaint of sexually abusing a boy and girl and three of their siblings from the early 1950s through 1968, when their father confronted Babis.

The abuse, which allegedly included fondling and photographing his naked victims, occurred in the children's home while their father was ill, in church buildings including a home for retired nuns, and on overnight trips. Since the suit was filed, four others reportedly have alleged abuse during the 1960s at Babis's last NY parish: two brothers and a sister in one family and a girl fondled at age nine in the rectory.

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Barnabas the Apostle Church in Bellmore on a trip to West Point that he organized in 1967.” Source: Lawsuits Detail. - Mary Immaculate Friary and House of Theology in Glenclyffe, Garrison NY (1966-74) where Massaro was dean of studies of St. Lawrence Friary in Milton MA in the Boston archdiocese (vocations director 1974-76) - Capuchin Theological Seminary of Mary Immaculate Friary in Glenclyffe, Garrison NY (vocation staff 1976-80? Margaret of Scotland in Selden during retreats in 1979 at the order's Garrison facility. John Mission Church in Fitchville CT (pastor 1998-2005) "Mc Conaghy is accused of molesting a student at the La Salle Military Academy in Oakdale, N. Mc Conaghy was the academy's commandant at the time, before he became a priest in Norwich in 1981." He denies the allegation.

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