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And now you have one very angry ex-wife (and co-business owner of your boyfriend’s!) and one very hurt and angry adult daughter on your hands. Why would you expect him to when he was so dishonorable to a woman he was married to for so many years and had kids with?(The second time she asked for a divorce was about 18 months before he asked for one because they were just not getting along).After the separation, his children were understanding. However, his ex-wife and his children found out about our relationship while they were separated and figured out that it preceded, and was the reason for, the separation.This is not a man who has proven to be committed to relationships and making them work.Quite the opposite: He has proven to be a bit of a non-comitted, apathetic pushover.And a boyfriend who is continuing to prove his total non-commitment and apathy. If he treats one woman dishonorably, there’s a very good chance he’ll treat subsequent women in his life dishonorably too. Rather than stick up for you and defend you, he is allowing important people in his life to harass you and to believe that YOU were the cause for his marriage ending because he doesn’t have the backbone to stand up and say: “My marriage was over before she was even in the picture.” And he CAN’T even really say that truthfully because, if it was really, truly over, he would have agreed to his wife’s request for a divorce (18 months before asked for one, which means she asked for a divorce right around the time he started his affair with you, was telling you he was in love with you, and had “never felt this way about anyone else before.”).

That may be true, although I think your presence certainly played a part in your boyfriend pursuing an extra-marital affair rather than, say, counseling for his marital problems. Even when his wife was asking for a divorce — and the timing of the most recent request would suggest YOU were already in the picture when she asked for the divorce — he would rather continue with the status quo then open the theoretical can of worms an official filing for separation and divorce would lead to.

If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at I have found myself in a situation that I thought I would never be in. For the past 4-½ years, I have had a boyfriend who is now 60. I did not want to pursue a relationship with a married man and told him so.

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He and his wife own a small company and both work together.

Plus, his ex-wife has used their daughter as a weapon against him in the past, so he was very cautious about how and when to move forward in the separation and divorce. However, this is not the first time divorce had come up as she had asked him for a divorce twice before (but I guess emotions cooled and it never happened).

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