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In the event of Charles Henrys death, his inheritance passed to his legitimate children or, if there were none, to all his (illegitimate) children.From this it would seem that Charles and his sister, if she survived, must have been reasonably comfortably off and that the same was probably true of Louisa following her husbands death.In the 1871 census (here) she is recorded as "Widow", living at 5 Belsize Terrace, St Johns, Hampstead.In 1881 she was still living at 5 Belsize Terrace, and in 1901 at 27 Fairfax Road, also in Hampstead.There was another, very small connection between the Gowlland and Bouverie families.A letter dated 19 July 1830 to William Henry Fox Talbot, the famous early photographer, from his sister Horatia describes a rather aristocratic water-party that took place on board the Vigilant cutter, which belongs to Mr H Bouverie as commissioner of the customs.Louisa was born in Deptford, Kent, on 13 June 1826 (click here for her baptism record from St Paul, Deptford, Lewisham) and was the only daughter and youngest child of Richard Gowlland (click here for his biography) and Louisa Mary, ne Yeames.

Their father was Charles Henry Bouverie and their mother Maria Julia Rodgers (spelling? Charles Henry died in 1836 and in his will (click here) of 1834 he refers to Maria as commonly called Maria Julia Bouverie.The death certificate of Charles shows his occupation as independent, but that does not necessarily mean very much. Since both are named in the same short codicil and both received annuities, it seems probable that Mary Scot, who must have been one of Bridgets servants, was the mother of Mary Atkins.I leave to Mary Atkins twenty guineas a year for her life Mary Atkins the daughter of C. Bouverie and to Mary Scot I leave thirteen guineas for life to be paid to her from the time of my death or if she lived on with my mother till after her death or upon quitting her service signed by me Dec. The family was obviously very concerned about the provisions of this codicil since, before probate was granted, two affidavits were sworn that the codicil was in Emmas handwriting.Louisas father, Richard, was commander of the Vigilant at the time.Perhaps Richard was later introduced into the Bouverie family, resulting in the marriage of Louisa and Charles sixteen years after that letter was written. Returning to Louisa, she is recorded as living with her parents at the time of both the 1851 (click here) and 1861 census (click here).

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No trace of her has yet been found in the 1891 census Presumably Charles left her sufficient money to live on and employ one or two servants but, in Richard Joscelyne's words, it was probably no more than a modest sufficiency.

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