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He was murdered by Ben and his corpse was taken over by the Man In Black.

But before facing his demons on the island, O'Quinn explored the final frontier when he appeared in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1994. Before being cast as Jack Shepherd, the neurosurgeon with father issues, who leads the survivors, leaves the island, returns three years later and discovers he is one of the 'Candidates', most fans would know Fox, 43, from the 90s TV series Party of Five.

Canadian Evangeline, 30, is best known as fugitive Kate Austen who murdered her stepfather, became the love interest of Jack and Sawyer on the island and raised Claire's baby boy Aaron for the three years she was off the island.

But a couple of years before she was cast as one of the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors, she appeared in a TV advert for Canadian dating service Live Links.

Not sure what the independent Kate would have to say about that...

O'Quinn, 57, plays paraplegic hunter John Locke, who miraculously heals once on the island, resulting in him discovering the Hatch and subsequently leaving the island to convince the others to return to the island.

He appeared alongside Ted Danson in Becker, a show about a misanthropic doctor. of Penny, the daughter of Charles Widmore, who has a connection to the island and worked in the Swan station keeping the island's electromagnetism under control.

He escaped along with the Oceanic Six, was reunited with Penny but has been brought back to the island under unknown circumstances.

Because the more we know about her, the more we love her.

And while some have got bored or fed up with working out all the little mysteries, cliffhangers and storylines that may never be solved, there has been a constant faiful following that will be glued to the their screens in three weeks time, hoping and praying that their dedication and loyalty has been worth it.

Yup, little Miss Evangeline was on the infamous Live Links Commercial.

But early in his career, Cusick, 43, stuck with his Scottish roots when he starred in an episode of Taggart. As the softly-spoken former Iraqi Republican Guard torturer and interrogator Sayid, Andrews, 41, has won himself a legion of female fans for his role in LOST.

But being a heart throb is nothing new to the Londoner, who first found fame as the lead role in the 1993 BBC series The Buddha of Suburbia as Karim Amir, an Anglo-Indian teenager growing up in 1970's suburban London.

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J Abrams Beetlejuice star Michael Keaton was originally cast as Jack, who was to be killed off in the pilot. They set about keeping themselves alive and desperately try and find a way home by whatever means necessary.

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