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Solicitor Liam Keane reads a statement on behalf of Clodagh Hawe's mother Mary Coll and sister Jacqueline Connolly after the Inquest into the deaths of Hawe family at Cavan Court House. Prof Kennedy had been asked by coroner Dr Mary Flanagan to give a post-mortem opinion on Alan Hawe’s mental state, working off the medical notes of his GP, the notes of his counsellor and of the suicide notes Hawe left behind, as well as the circumstances.

He said that from the GP notes it was clear that since 2008, Hawe had been troubled by anxieties about his health without much basis in reality and these seemed to be on his mind a lot of the time, he said.

The inquest had earlier heard from the Hawe family doctor who said that Alan Hawe was also concerned about a conflict that had started in his workplace.Professor Harry Kennedy, a consultant forensic psychiatrist at the Central Mental Hospital, told the inquest earlier today that Hawe had progressed from a long standing depressive illness to a severe depressive episode with psychotic symptoms.Speaking outside the court this afternoon, a solicitor for Mary Coll and Jacqueline Connolly, Mrs Hawe's mother and sister, said Mr Hawe targeted his wife and eldest son first for fear they may fight back."We thank all those who have taken the time in the last year to contact us with messages of support and prayer from all parts of the country, they have brought us great solace," they added.The inquest into their deaths, which took place in Cavan town, earlier heard evidence from counsellor David Mc Connell, who Hawe had seen on 10 occasions from March to June 2016.

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"Alan said that he had got a little bit down for a short period in his early 20s between college and starting work.

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