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Long before the sandstone storefronts of Main Street were built, there is historical evidence that Native people, including the Lakota and Cheyenne, have believed in the healing power of the thermal waters of the Fall River Basin for centuries or longer.A common origin story in early promotional literature, unverifiably attributed to indigenous oral tradition, features an elderly woman afflicted with pains in her legs who fell into a pool when she reached to touch its waters and was healed.

At least better than the country emerging from decades of stultifying state control that I met and fell in love with in 1986 when I first came here as a student? When I arrived in Beijing for the second year of my Chinese degree course, from London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), China was communist. There were few cars on the streets, thousands of bicycles, scant streetlights, and countless donkey carts that moved at the ideal speed for students to clamber on board for a ride back to our dormitories.When the troubles passed the place was forgotten for a spell, then revived as a resort by the Cheyenne.When the Lakota arrived, they named the place Minne-kahta, or “warm waters.” The popular history of Battle Mountain attributes the name of the densely pined peak above town to an 1869 Lakota vs.A year later, a US Geological Survey junket led by Henry Newton and Walter Jenney conducted a resource reconnaissance in the Hills.Some legends put Calamity Jane among the explorers.

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