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Websites that specialize in people searches, designed to help marketers advertise to you or to help old friends track you down, are the worst offenders.

These sites often provide detailed personal information with the click of a button. It's tricky, because there are lots of sites that collect personal data.

You'll receive an email with a link you need to click to confirm your opt-out.

Submit a request for removal through the site's contact form.

All you have to do is click a few confirmation links (and ignore any offers trying to sell you information) to get rid of your information.

Because many search sites pull data from publicly available social media profiles, reducing the data in your profile will help.

Mail in the site's opt-out form (it's a PDF), which asks for your name, data of birth, aliases and addresses going back 20 years.

Search for your listing on Radaris, then click the arrow next to the "Background Check & Contact Info" button on the right side of the page and select Control Information from the drop-down.

Search for your listing on My Life and claim your name.

You can change the data on your public profile, but you can't delete it without subscribing to the My Life service, which costs per month.

Search for dating sites directories:

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Search for the accounts you want to delete, and follow the instructions to get rid of them.

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