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Though Alper tells me swiping on topics was more popular than swiping on people on beta.And once you download this, you'll get it — it's super addictive and even kind of thought-provoking too.They wrote: 'At my age (22) I leave your profile immediate if you have a kid, regardless of how attractive you are otherwise' (stock photo)Other huge turn-offs for Reddit users were 'baby pictures of themselves - why the f*** would I care what you looked like as a baby?I don't even know you' and 'when a majority of their pictures are of them with alcohol or of alcohol'.This leaves way too much room for interpretation which is beneficial to no one. Every time I run across one of these profiles I hope that we are a match so that I can tell them about Linkedin.

All the above profile tells me is that a relationship would always take a backseat to their career, or that there will be zero room for spontaneity in the relationship. Probably not, but how would a potential date know that?While not agreeing on 3-D movies probably won't mean your relationship is doomed, if nothing else, Hater is aiming to make dating fun again — and that's something we could all use right now. Although, my previous post was about online dating in general and this post is specific to dating apps.Here is my theory, you get x amount of characters to let me know enough about you to make a decision on whether or not I even want to talk to you. I have taken the liberty of making examples of the six most common types of profiles I have personally come across while using a variety of dating apps. ” I know that this is a little far-fetched, but something like this could and probably has happened.Hopefully, I’m not the only person who has noticed these profile trends. Of course, this is not the case if you are using an app like Coffee Meets Bagel that asks you to list dislikes and likes, but then at least you know what the list is about. I wouldn’t know if it is a list of likes, dislikes, trivia answers, or his recent Google search history. If you are a Lister or are considering becoming a Lister, at least start the list off with a simple ‘Likes’ or ‘Current Twitter Trends’ so that whoever is reading your profile knows what types of things you think are important enough to list in your limited amount of space.

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While topics like gun control and man-spreaders were no-brainers for me, I struggled for a few too many minutes on how I feel about You Tube comments.

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