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I could not tell if it was pain or pleasure, but she began to moan and groan in unison with the young man fucking her. It was then I noticed the other nine men standing on the platform, waiting their turn.I looked to see the crowd captivated as Din drained the secretions from my wife into a bowl.I looked quickly all over the boat to see if I could find some kind of weapon.I assumed my wife and Gary were on that island somewhere, and I thought if I could find a gun or a knife, I could perhaps rescue them But I could find nothing. Or we just instruments of desire in some wild plan?There was a small cloth covering what looked like a small window. Her arms and legs were being held by some of the women, while others played with her nude body. Some were sucking on her nipples, while a single older woman was licking her vaginal area. I suddenly felt something sharp pressed in my back and a large black hand covered my mouth. He smiled stood in front of me and said for me to relax. There was one small thing left to be done, and then we would be freed. I do not know how much time passed before I saw people exiting the hut. She was still nude and her hands were tied in front of her. Her arms were pulled over her head and her legs tied spread open. At the end of each seeding, your secretions will be drained and consumed by all. Three more battles were fought until a second round started. Her head was now turned towards the ground, and she was no longer sobbing.

I was dragged into the village and taken up to the platform where Gary was tied. Ral moved behind her and asked her if she was ready to be seeded. Ral nodded to Din and she seemed to increase her efforts on my wife’s pussy. It looked as though there would be a winner soon and Ral asked my wife again as Din took her to the edge again and again.

The crowd began to chant as he moved closer to my wife.

Ral stood behind her and asked her if she submitted.

I noticed some of the young women in the crowd, watching the scene on the platform begin to touch themselves. He too was gagged and he struggled to get free of his bonds while he watched my helpless wife get fucked. She lowered herself to her knees and took his growing cock in her mouth.

Two young women slowly climbed the platform and surrounded him. He moaned into his gag and turned away and the young women fellated him to full erection.

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