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It is crucial to see what happened on the part of the players, too.

What made and makes video and computer games fascinating for them? To what extent are the changing media environments of children connected to more general social developments?

From an economic perspective one might argue that children and youth have become important target groups for many industries, e.g. Young people are believed to act as "driving forces" in and for new markets and products, and their purchasing power is noteworthy.

The computer game industry obviously has been quite successful in attracting these young customers.

Johannes Fromme Interactive video and computer games belong to the new multimedia culture that is based on the digital computer technology.

These games have become increasingly popular in the past 20 to 25 years, especially among young people.

This cultural and social significance of electronic games, I propose, also is pedagogically relevant, because any educational or teaching effort which aims at mediating so-called "media competency," computer literacy, or ICT skills is preceded by informal and non-formal learning processes of children within their "computer gaming culture." About 20 years ago Patricia M.

During the early nineties, however, video and computer games became a matter-of-course in the everyday life of young people, including children.

However, this coherence is usually not being reflected.

In other words, parents and educators tend to address the media cultures of children and youth from their own generational perspectives which they represent as an implicit norm in educational - and political - discourses (Schäeffer, 1998; Wittpoth, 1999; Fromme, 2000; Fromme, 2001).

She addressed new media as cultural artifacts which demand complex cognitive skills from the people who use them, and these skills and the related knowledge that come from using them are not obtained in instructional contexts like schools, but are acquired informally (Greenfield, 1984).

Since 1984 the situation obviously has changed in one respect: schools have begun to use computers and teach pupils computer skills.

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