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D) personnel serving in the air and maritime transportation, who are governed by a special legislation.These workers are entitled to apply the provisions on freedom of union under this law.Distinctions, rejections, or acceptances based on qualifications required for a specific job shall not be considered as discrimination.SECTION III PUBLIC ORDER Article 13 The provisions of this law are of the nature of public order, excepting derogations provided expressly.The number of non-family workers, who regularly work for an artisan, cannot exceed seven; if this number is exceeded, the employer loses the status of artisan.Article 8 “Apprentices” are those who have entered into an apprenticeship contract with an employer or artisan who has contracted to teach or use someone to teach the apprentice his occupation; and in return, the apprentice has to work for the employer according to the conditions and terms of the contract.

Regular workers are those who regularly perform a job on a permanent basis.Article 10 Casual workers are subject to the same rules and obligations and enjoy the same rights as regular workers, except for the clauses stipulated separately.Article 11 In accordance with the method of remuneration, workers are classified as follows: • Workers remunerated on a time basis (monthly, daily, hourly), who are paid daily or at intervals not longer than fifteen days or one month.Labor Law Chapter 1 General Provisions Section 1 Scope of Application Different Categories of Workers in the Kingdom of Cambodia Article 1 This law governs relations between employers and workers resulting from employment contracts to be performed within the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia, regardless of where the contract was made and what the nationality and residences of the contracted parties are.This law applies to every enterprise or establishment of industry, mining, commerce, crafts, agriculture, services, land or water transportation, whether public, semi-public or private, non-religious or religious; whether they are of professional education or charitable characteristic as well as the liberal profession, associations or groups of any nature whatsoever.

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Consequently, all rules resulted from a unilateral decision, a contract or a convention that do not comply with the provisions of this law or any legal text for its enforcement, are null and void.

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