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to compete with the United States Post Office's money orders. Despite the fact that he was president of American Express and that he carried with him traditional letters of credit, he found it difficult to obtain cash anywhere except in major cities.

The building completed the continuous masonry wall of its block-front and assisted in transforming Broadway into the "canyon" of neo-classical masonry office towers familiar to this day American Express sold this building in 1975, but retained travel services there.

In 1890–91 the company constructed a new ten-story building by Edward H.

Kendall on the site of its former headquarters on Hudson Street.

Plus get cash back Start building (or rebuilding) your credit history, even if you’ve been turned down for other credit cards, with flexible credit lines based on a security deposit and a low annual fee.

Apply or learn more about Visa Secured Reward points can be redeemed as a cash deposit to a checking or savings account or as a statement credit to your credit card account.

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For years it enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the movement of express shipments (goods, securities, currency, etc.) throughout New York State.

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